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New still from Mad Max: Fury Road, featuring Tom Hardy. Max on his motorcycle!

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Mad Max: Fury Road

I might actually be interested in seeing this. the director said he’s limiting cgi and dialogue in favor or two hours of steady real action. sounds and looks promising.

im so fucking psyched for this hilarity

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Tom Hardy looking pretty good on the set of Legend. 


Thursday, May 8, 2014


LOCKE roundup: latest promotional art + rave reviews


• Richard Roeper - One of my favorite movies of the last couple years. Great script, Tom Hardy is f*!&ing brilliant in role. Full Review

• Claudia Puig / USA Today - A magnificent drama that resounds with powerful, universal themes. Full Review 

• Michael Phillips / Chicago Tribune - "Locke" is a solo act, and Tom Hardy is its superbly talented soloist. Full Review

• Mick LaSalle / San Francisco Chronicle - Cinema is not about special effects, but about human emotion and a face in close-up. For those in doubt, “Locke” is the proof. Full Review 

• David Edelstein / Vulture - Tours don’t come much more forceful. Once you’ve taken this 90-odd-minute drive with Tom Hardy, you’ll never forget his face. Full Review

• David Thomson / The New Republic - Locke is the most unexpected, brilliant, captivating movie of the year so far. Full Review 

• Kenneth Turan / Los Angeles Times - It sounds contrived, and it is. It sounds like a bit of a stunt, and it is that too. It may even sound boring, but that it is not. Full Review 

• Manohla Dargis / New York Times - Moment by moment, with a twitch, a shudder, a look, it’s Mr. Hardy who movingly draws you in, turning a stranger’s face into a life. Full Review

• Peter Travers / Rolling Stone - Locke is a powerhouse of claustrophobic suspense and fierce emotion, mostly because Tom Hardy, best known as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, is a blazing wonder as Locke. Full Review 

• Joe Morgenstern / Wall Street Journal - Tom Hardy, the actor who plays [Locke], is by turns spellbinding, seductive, heartbreaking, explosive and flat-out thrilling. Full Review 

• Dave Calhoun / Time Out - This is a masterclass in how the most local, most hemmed-in stories can reverberate with the power of big, universal themes. Full Review

• Leslie Felperin / Variety - An exceptional one-man show for Tom Hardy, this ingeniously executed study in cinematic minimalism has depth, beauty and poise. Full Review

Take it from someone who never in a million years would’ve predicted they might enjoy a movie set entirely inside one man’s rather boring car: Locke is amazing and you should definitely go see it.

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ok so i just came across this old tom hardy audition tape and uh what

Thursday, November 28, 2013

#he’s kidding right #an entire movie where he looks like that?! #HOW THE FUCK AM I EXPECTED TO SURVIVE THAT?! #tom hardyyou don’t.

im so glad hollywood took my advice and cast tom hardy in a sexy post-apocalyptic movie where charlize theron has a grey buzzcut.


#he’s kidding right #an entire movie where he looks like that?! #HOW THE FUCK AM I EXPECTED TO SURVIVE THAT?! #tom hardy

you don’t.

im so glad hollywood took my advice and cast tom hardy in a sexy post-apocalyptic movie where charlize theron has a grey buzzcut.

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star trek nemesis just looks so DISCO



A legit category that will surprise absolutely no oneFilm posters featuring Tom Hardy’s back.



i need to rewatch star trek nemesis. i saw it in theatres. even at the age of twelve, having seen perhaps three episodes of ST:TNG in my entire life, i still knew that it was painfully, painfully terrible.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

cyberrubis said: the fact that you didn't mention before that you saw Locke in London left me flabbergasted! I do understand that your priority lied with your unconditional love for Tilda/TomHiddles and goth lyfe~ But omission of Tom Hardy feels like a betrayal towards your poor ol' Inception fandom, RIGHT? Please rectify it by showering us, mere peasants who don't have chance to see it yet, with your tender thoughts on the film, PLEASE *Hiddles eyes* (coz i know you dislike puppies)

well, tbh locke hasn’t had much lasting impact on me, other than confirming my belief that tom hardy is an unbelievably talented actor. it’s quite a “small” film: basically personal/family drama about an ordinary guy, told entirely through phone calls he makes while driving his car across england one night. the whole thing takes place inside tom hardy’s car and it’s very gripping, but there’s not really much to say other than that he’s very good? it’s best to go in knowing as little as possible about the actual storyline because the entire point of the movie is the way small aspects of his life reveal themselves during the phone conversations. it includes voices from tom holland, olivia colman, andrew scott (AKA moriarty from bbc sherlock) and ruth wilson, if that’s any help.