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Jane Foster + Tumblr

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when people headcanons that black widow can pick up mjolnit I’m just like ???????? like lets take a look at who canonically can pick up mjolnir:

  • thor
  • steve rogers
  • wonder woman

there’s a pattern going on between these people, natasha doean’t fit in it.

do you hear that boom


that is the sound of how wrong you are

Sunday, June 29, 2014

everybody just go to therapy already


morgan: clearly Thor is the most functional Avenger
by like
a factor of twenty

charlotte: just so ahead of everyone else
"i am an alcoholic sex addict with PTSD."
"i have very severe anger management issues. i literally turn into a rage monster."
"i am a super spy who has been severely fucked over in the past! my most functional relationships are with people i kill other people with or for!"
"i was possessed by loki and killed lots of my workmates. in my day to day life, i kill people."
"my body was totally remade so that i could kill people in war. then i fell asleep for 70 years and woke up and everyone i knew was dead or dying, except my best friend who has been turned into a mindwashed assassin."
"… my dad’s kind of a dick?!"
it’s a different degree of magnitude

morgan: “my brother tried to kill me one time, and also killed a bunch of other people? I have a really cool girlfriend though.”

Monday, June 23, 2014


I love when people treat Loki like a bag of evil potatoes

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letra bledsoe has her priorities right

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Anonymous said: could you write something where bucky can pick up thor's hammer please? thanks!


"Here, you dropped this," Bucky says, holding out the hammer.

The room goes deathly silent, all eyes trained on him.  ”How are you doing that?” Tony says, the first to break, looking around from face to face wildly.  ”How are you - how is he doing that?”

"Uh," says Bucky.  He looks down.  He’s not even holding it with the metal hand.  "With my hand?"

Thor starts advancing on him, and Bucky falls back a step, but not before he sets the hammer gingerly on the ground.  Sam, as Steve is not present, steps cleanly between the two, hands raised in a placating gesture.  ”Look, if he’s broken some sort of Asgardian thing, some sort of tradition or law with other people’s weapons, you can’t be mad at him, I’ve done it too,” he says, bends down, and picks up the hammer.  It isn’t even that heavy.  ”See?  And Steve moves it when he’s cleaning, I’ve seen him do it.  

Thor stops in his tracks, and is suddenly laughing so hard he has to support his weight on his knees.  ”What?” Bucky asks.  ”What’s so funny?”

In the background, Tony kicks the wall and swears.

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How Captain America: The Winter Soldier should have ended. After after credits super secret scene.


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i’m laughing so hard at how advanced technology is in asgard

the reason thor was disoriented on midgard when he got sent down was because that shit was too basic for him, he was thrown for a loop

#travel back to stone age #fail at using a flint #get dubbed as stupid by all the cavemen

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