Monday, July 28, 2014

On Wonder Woman and Heeled Boots


Yesterday Warner Bros. revealed the costume Gal Gadot will wear for her role in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The costume has her wearing boots. I don’t care for the inclusion of boots. Yes, she’s been drawn wearing heeled boots (including her first appearance)


but she’s also been drawn wearing greek sandals


and boots with no heel.


So there is no continuity over the last 70 plus years although there certainly has been some rethinking of how female characters are presented in media during that time. 

A few years ago when they were making the disastrous NBC pilot they also had Wonder Woman wearing a heel. Here’s what I said then:

Wonder Woman is free of vanity. For her a costume should be utilitarian — to cover what needs be covered and to make her recognizable to scare off weak-willed adversaries and alert others to her involvement. 

Having heels on her boots adds nothing. A boot heel will not make her run faster or kick harder or assist her in doing her job or make her recognizable. The only thing a heel does is please the eye. And that is something Wonder Woman should not care about.

A few folks have stated the heel is required to give her the height to stand with her co-stars Affleck and Cavill. That also does not require a costume with a heel as we’ve seen from dozens of films starring actors who are shorter than their female co-stars.

This is not about hating high heeled boots; I love high heeled boots. It’s fine if Wonder Woman wore them in her “civilian” identity. Rather, this is about questioning a costuming choice which puts the emphasis on Hollywood’s requirements for a Woman rather than the Wonder of the character.

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This sample pair of Cloudberry Lady The Bat high heels is available at the Lace market!


This sample pair of Cloudberry Lady The Bat high heels is available at the Lace market!

Saturday, July 5, 2014





Check out these wood carved shoes that were made to look like cow hooves. They were used by moonshiners to cover up/hide their tracks during Prohibition. 

Prohibition-era furries

"why the fuck do you have cow hoof shoes"

[SWEATING INTENSELY] “bootlegging. i am a criminal and a millionaire”

Monday, June 16, 2014




I was sorting through a storage locker today and check out this nifty shoe I made in grade 11 ceramics class. <3

I can’t tell if this if supposed to reference how much heels kill your feet or if the artist just had a really rad idea and rolled with it

definitely the second one

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
omg, the x-men boots are amazing! where did you get them?

they’re kurt geiger:

THOSE FIRST ONES ARE INCREDIBLE!! d-do you know if they’re still available anywhere?
doubtful, i got them (the pewter-coloured men’s dress shoes) like 4 years ago. 

Anonymous said: I am really curious about what kind of shoes you actually wear.

i have a pretty wide variety of shoes. i just looked at my old twitpics to find photos of ones i was wearing a couple years ago and came up with this:

Life lesson: When London is a giant glacier due to snow &amp; sub-zero temperatures, don&#039;t wear these shoes.

EXCEEDINGLY PRACTICAL NEW SHOES @cherrybina @flossietopping @mairi_xoxo PS: Webcam-photographing your feet = hard.

New shoes arrived!! #NEEDSMOREGOLD

i have several pairs of flatforms because i like to be as tall as possible but i also like to walk, and most high heels aren’t very practical. however, right now i’m wearing these x-men boots all the time. they are very comfortable and go well with the large quantity of black leather/drapey black shroud clothes in my wardrobe.

top, black shoe by kg kurt geiger -

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Isabel Casanovas, 1989
The Metropolitan Museum of Art



Isabel Casanovas, 1989

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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justanotherbildungsroman said: Your recent ask response reminded me of a question that I have whenever I watch these movies: why the heck are everyone's shoes so dumb?? Like if you look at the full body pictures of Chris Evans from The Avengers his boots are just... mind-boggingly awful. I guess I don't know if you have a real explanation but I feel like we need to raise attention to this issue that is obviously very important.

[for link purposes, this ask is related to this askbox reply about bucky’s boots in CATWS.]

My theory is that it’s easy to just not film people’s feet in an action/superhero movie, so there’s no point in making an enormous amount of effort to make Captain America or Thor’s boots look super plausible compared to the more visible parts of his costume.

Making a “realistic” and generally awesome-looking cape for Thor is really important because the audience will be looking at the cape all the time, whereas boots? Not so much. Canonically, Thor would probably be wearing some kind of interesting leather boot with gold filigree and buckles and armoured stuff or whatever.

However, in the context of making a superhero movie starring actors who have to wear this shit for twelve hours a day, it makes more sense to just modify a pair of sneaker-boots that will be comfortable during stunt work, and can be replicated four or five times for stunt doubles and spares or whatever. Plus, it’s unnecessarily complicated to make shoes from scratch, so why not just buy a pair from a store and then add stuff to the outside to make them look more ~superheroic.

In general, men’s shoes are one of the most overlooked details in film and TV costume design. Women’s shoes are often visible or remarked upon (because movies spend more time focusing on what female characters look like), and it’s typical to see scenes where you either get a close-up of a woman’s feet or shoes, or a full-body shot where you can look at her entire outfit. Most of the time, you’re only gonna see a man’s feet or shoes in detail if it’s for a good reason, i.e. he’s trodden on something sharp (think Bruce Willis in Die Hard), or the camera is shooting from a low angle nearby, or he’s wearing a particularly smart outfit. Men’s shoes are less “important” than women’s shoes, which is why every male FBI agent in the history of crime cinema could be wearing the exact same pair of shoes and it wouldn’t matter, while a female FBI agent’s choice between flats and heels (or sneakers or leather boots or whatever) will wind up being remarked upon, possibly by having the camera zoom pruriently towards her feet.