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Anonymous said: If there was one moment in tv history you'd want to rewrite to your own whims, damning the consequences and future events that may come, tv show would it be?

I tend to abandon shows if they really disappoint me (with the exception of Doctor Who, which I sort of feel like I ~have to~ watch), so I can’t really think of any that had a pivotal scene that I’d really wanted to change. Most TV shows are imperfect, and those imperfections can’t be healed with one single moment.

On the whole, if there WAS a specific moment I’d want to change, it wouldn’t be something with no consequences, it’d be something where the consequences were IMPORTANT, you know? Possibly with Hannibal I’d have killed off Zeller or Price instead of Beverley Katz last season. Or I’d have Sherlock actually explicitly state that he’s asexual in BBC Sherlock, although I’m sure Steven Moffat would just fuck that up by the end of the season anyway.

In Deep Space 9, I’d have made Garak and Bashir a canonically queer couple, which would have been hugely helpful to television in general because Star Trek is so high-profile and influential. It would have set a precedent for other shows in the future. (Xena would be another option in that context, and actually got a lot further than DS9 in terms of moving Xena/Gabrielle from subtext to text. But in the end I think Star Trek’s iconic nature would be slightly more useful.)

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Anonymous said: i saw your top 5 slash ships thing and i noticed that you didn't like bbc sherlock's sherlock/john. i don't mean to be rude or trying to start an argument but why don't you like them together?

i don’t hate johnlock or anything like that, but i find bbc sherlock to be sort of unpleasant while the victorian holmes stories are far more “romantic” and appealing to me in general.

i was really into bbc sherlock fandom for a couple of months around season 2, but after reading one too many fanfics that i found genuinely offensive, i decided not to bother any more. now i’ll only bother reading something if it’s by wordstrings.

no hard feelings to people who do enjoy bbc sherlock fic though. i think part of the reason why i now have very little interest in it is because my job requires me to write A LOT of very analytical articles about bbc sherlock and its fandom when a new season comes out, so i can’t really appreciate it in a superficial/fun way.

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i like when people are like, “elementary isn’t sherlock” because yeah, you’re right! because if it was, we’d hear vague asian music playing every time lucy liu was on-screen


actual sherlock script

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Masterlist of Sherlock season 3 meta/review posts.

I know some people have been avoiding Sherlock spoilers until the third season aired in the US, so here’s a list of the meta and reviews I wrote when it was airing in the UK:

3x01 review:The Empty Hearse

3x02 review:The Sign of Three

3x03 review: "His Last Vow" Part 1, Part 2 (female characters), and Part 3.

Postscript to “His Last Vow”: What if Sherlock faced the consequences of his actions?

Plus a couple of my Daily Dot articles: Fangirl showdown: “After two years, was the new Sherlock worth the wait?" and How Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss erased the most important female character in “His Last Vow.” 

Tumblr askbox meta: “Why did you think episode 3 of Sherlock was misogynistic?" and its followup, a breakdown of male vs female character roles throughout the series.