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"They had me rigged on this thing where I’m holding onto handles on his shoulder with my legs wrapped around his neck. He’s kinda trying to throw me off and I’m on top of him and it was so many hours of me, riding him like a mechanical bull.” 

"And we’re looking over at the producers and we’re like, ‘are you happy now? Do we have enough footage?’ and they’re like, ‘looks great on camera!" - (x)

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Natasha is incredibly perceptive, and no doubt understands that Steve’s problems are less to do with his fish-out-of-water situation of being in the 21st century, and more to do with his crushing loneliness. Steve gives every impression of genuinely liking people, but he’s lost everyone he ever knew and grew up with, and is surrounded by people that he doesn’t really trust. He’s so lonely that he’s literally at the point of having intensely emotional conversations with a guy he met while jogging at the park, so Natasha is making the effort to help him improve his social life.

All of those girlfriend recommendations also come with a subtextual hint that she doesn’t want to date him, to discourage off the possibility of him getting too attached because she’s his only friend. She’s purposefully putting herself in the role of “bantery team member” rather than potential love interest, and as a result they seem to have a pretty close relationship already — or as close as you can ever get to Black Widow, anyway.

Black Widow and Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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"my friend’s husband, who seems to do nothing, but is really successful." — this is the most relateable answer any celebrity has ever given to any question. everyone knows that guy. fuck him.

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More than anything, I think that the relationship between Cap and Widow is one that becomes a friendship and that is way more interesting than a romantic relationship. We don’t really know yet if she’s really even capable of that. Black Widow has so many trust issues that the last thing on her mind is like, “Man, I wish I had a boyfriend.” Steve Rogers is an attractive guy but I think she’s learning how to be herself —whoever herself is. This friendship is the catalyst that helps her to understand other events with Fury and helps her to understand what she wants because she’s probably never really asked herself that. That’s what we see more of developing; between the two of them is a friendship that allows her to be self-reflective.

Scarlett Johansson’s response to a question about “a hint at a romance” between Natasha & Steve in CA:TWS [X] (via chujo-hime)

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that Natasha gets to have genuine character development before she even gets near a romantic relationship. Don’t get me wrong; I read the shippy fics too, but I think it says something very positive that they know that not all of their female characters need to be in a relationship right off the bat (or at all, for that matter) and that oftentimes personal growth has to be put first. They’re paying attention to the character’s headspace and where she is in her personal journey, and that has me dancing for joy. 

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bless this post, I hope it’s true and that they give her the time to evolve properly.
Same for me, I ship it, I read the fics, it’s all great, but I’m also aware that I want to see that development in the canon of the movie and that’s super mega important. Can’t wait :D

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Marvel fans aren’t happy with Black Widow’s photoshop makeover.

In the end, the weird thing here isn’t that an actress ended up getting the Photoshop treatment, but that Marvel’s marketing materials for female characters are so often at odds with the way those women are portrayed on screen.

When the first Avengers posters appeared back in 2011, fans were quick to make fun of the fact that Scarlett Johansson was photographed in a sexy pose while all of the male heroes snarled and punched the air. Similarly, the posters for Iron Man 3 showed Pepper Potts in a thin white shirt, clutching helplessly at Tony Stark’s armor-clad chest—despite the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow is 40 years old, an inch taller than Robert Downey Jr. in real life, and her character is a billionaire tech CEO.

The thing is, these posters are all a case of false advertising. Despite being portrayed as a classic fantasy damsel in the posters for Thor: The Dark World, Natalie Portman spends most the movie muttering about astrophysics while wearing several layers of oversized plaid shirts. And no matter how many times you hear people mention Black Widow’s sexy catsuit in The Avengers, that costume was no more figure-hugging or revealing than Captain America’s. [READ MORE]