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16 absolutely disgusting things that Europe voted for and that you need to know about



translating this article because this is so important

1. “Monsieur Ebola can solve the problem in three months”
- Front National’s founder Jean-Marie Le Pen about how an Ebola epidemic would solve the immigration problems (x). 

2. “Women should not have the right to vote”
- Janusz Korwin-Mikke, leader of Poland’s ‘Kongres Nowej Prawicy’ (Congress of the new right). (x)

3. “Register all Jews - they are a national security problem”
- Jobbik, Hungary (x)

4. “These sexual drifts are not normal and they never will be”
- Party secretary of the Swedish Democrats, Björn Söder about homosexuality (x)

5. “People have the right to be concerned if a (Romanian) group moved in next door.
- Nigel Farage, UKIP leader (x)

6. “All credit to Venner whose final, highly political act was an attemot to awaken the people of France”
- Marine Le Pen, leader of Front National about a man who shot himself in protest against gay marriage (x)

7. Reading of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in the parliament 
- Ilias Kasidiaris, Golden Dawn (x)

8.”Most people over 70 are uncomfortable with homosexuality”
- Nigel Farage, UKIP leader (x)

9. “Rape is an expression of Islamic culture”
- Richard Jomshof, the Swedish Democrats (x)

10. “What Auschwitz? Were you there?”
- NIkolas Michaloliakos, leader of Golden Dawn (x)

11. “The holocaust was only a detail in World War II”
- Marie Le Pen, founder of Front National (x)

12. “Send the homosexuals and Somalis to Åland”
- Teuvo Hakkarainen, Finns Party (x)

13. “You will die here!”
- Jobbik in Hungary protesting against Roma (x)

14. “Gay marriage caused floods”
- David Silvester (UKIP), claims that he warned David Cameron that allowing gay couples to marry would lead to flooding.(x)

15. “The Muslims are our biggest foreign threat since World War II”
- Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Swedish Democrats (x)

16. “Stop Muslim immigration”
- Martin Henriksen, Danish People’s Party (x)

you know europe’s in trouble when italy is not the worst country at electing people

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Anonymous said: how is Lucy racist? I wanted to watch it and now im sad :(


anonymous asked: What is Lucy and why is it racist?

lucy is a movie, coming out this summer in 2014. here’s the trailer for it.

anonymous asked: can you please explain how lucy is racist - i’m not saying it isn’t, i just havent seen the film yet or heard anything about it being racist. I was really excited to see it because it’s an action film with a female lead without an unnecessary love interest motivation…

lovely anon, i was so excited about the movie too. i love scarlet and it looked really amazing (apart from that stupid 10% brain thing, i don’t really like that trope) but then i started to realize how racist this movie is. we’ve only seen a trailer, couple of minutes and there are so many racist undertones.

this really says it.

people really see this movie “Lucy”  as a step in the right direction to more representation because somehow it’s revolutionary to have a white person as the (anti)hero killing people of color? People really think that one has to see the whole movie in it’s entirety to say that it’s shit? Other than swapping a white man for a white woman, it’s the same shit of invoking negative tropes and cliches against Asian men in modern movies that we’ve been seeing in the past couple of years since the Red Dawn remake. (source)

because, lets be honest, it’s true. i am all in for female lead in super heroes, and i am not the one who is angry because she’s not a POC. the way everyone else is portrayed, the way how it still hold onto those stupid tropes of asian/POCs as villains just disgusts me. maybe its even worse for me because i’m asian i dont even know.

the upcoming movie lucy will feature the age-old racist narrative of pure white woman (scarlet johansson) being violated by scary, brown men. and the new white feminist trope of women gaining their power by violently eliminating brown men. who needs the white male savior when we now have white female saviors, taking it into their own hands to save their whiteness from all that non-whiteness. so radical. (source)

feminism, hell yes. only white feminism? no. i am not here to see white female saviors kicking POCs ass, who look like they’re really poorly written. did someone who was involved with this movie even made effort? 


let’s have a look in this picture. we see the white female lead and the asian antagonist. we see chinese writing in the background. 

I just asked a family member to translate this. They came back with “Keep Clean. Apple, scallop & ginger, orange, tomato, grape” (source)

can this be even more ridiculous? just make your fucking research guys. do they think it looks fancy to have chinese writing on the wall? because its not??? its stupid and it makes me angry and/or wants to laugh. 

Okay but why the fuck is this movie set in Asia, filled with Asian villains, with a white female protag? Yes, wow, the lead’s a woman, fantastic, but apart from that it’s not really any different from the other movies made in a long history of having white people kicking the shit out of exclusively Asian villains.

Really, seriously. I just want to know why they had to set it in Asia with a white woman lead. Why not set the damn movie in the US if they want a big name yt actress that badly? Or, why not just cast a Taiwanese actress if they want it to be set in Asia that bad? 

Or maybe not do those things to avoid another Orientalist shitshow because those are exactly the thematic cues they’re going for with a vulnerable white woman being abused by morally corrupt Asian men. OH BUT FEMINIST SUBVERSION! THE VULNERABLE WHITE WOMAN KILLS THEM ALL INSTEAD, YEAHHHH GO FEMINISM! 

Meanwhile Asian cultures continue to be portrayed as backwards, Asian men continue to be portrayed as vile predators, but hey go feminism right? Nevermind that Asian women get thrown under the bus with this too. (source) 

i agree on this so much. just dont motherfucking make that movie in taiwan? and then we have all those white “feminist” who are like: “okay, this movie is amazing, has a female lead in a action/superhero movie and u all still find something to complain about, just shut up”

no. i dont care that she’s a woman if it’s racist. just because you have a female lead doesn’t make the movie amazing. and it sure doesn’t excuse the fact how racist it is. if you really are a feminist, you should know, that feminism not only includes white women. it includes POC women. feminism includes so many more than just that. don’t call yourself a feminist if you can ignore all these things and still watch this movie because *yay female lead*. 

what is even worse is this scene: 

image (source)

white woman literally kills an asian guy because he can’t speak english. LITERALLY. how should i feel as an asian woman? this guy could be so many other people i know in real life who can’t speak english. i could imagine it be my father or other people i know. but no, it’s okay, because she’s a woman. because it looks badass.

she isn’t even in the USA or any other english- speaking state. bUt nO OF COURSE YOU ALL HAVE TO SPEAK ENGLISH. not everything revolves about you. SHE’S the one who is in a foreign country, she should be the one adapting to it and not the other way round. i dont go to USA and shoot people because they can’t speak vietnamese. 

that’s just fucking stupid why even.

for once i’d like to be able to post a trailer for a movie i’m interested in because of the female lead without feeling like a sack of shit afterward because someone needed to take a minute and really dissect every scene in the trailer just to outline how offensive it is. (…) we’re taking baby steps here, people. (…) so can’t we just take a minute to sit back and support an actress we like while enjoying an action film? /not sourcing this one because i am not an ass/

how can i enjoy a movie when i am offended.

how do you suppose to want me enjoy a movie when my people are thrown back down so you all can have your female lead

people say that this might take a step. that having this movie will open the doors for WOC. are you serious? do you want us to always be on the second array? do we have to sit quietly back and be all happy that you finally have a movie so we “might have one later too”?

also watch this video, because i dont really think i’m a great explainer.

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One of the best examples of artistic integrity on a corporate scale.

I can’t be the only one who finds it interesting that “product of its time” is being used directly alongside “still wrong back then”. Most (privileged, white) people use “product of its time” to avoid admitting that something was wrong regardless of its era and to excuse their repeating it.



One of the best examples of artistic integrity on a corporate scale.

I can’t be the only one who finds it interesting that “product of its time” is being used directly alongside “still wrong back then”. Most (privileged, white) people use “product of its time” to avoid admitting that something was wrong regardless of its era and to excuse their repeating it.

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i like when people are like, “elementary isn’t sherlock” because yeah, you’re right! because if it was, we’d hear vague asian music playing every time lucy liu was on-screen


actual sherlock script



Based on this list See Sources below for more info. View pictures fullscreen to see captions

30 Days 21 Hunger Games Argo Drive Pay it Forward Lone Ranger Fantastic 4

Lemme reblog again and let you know why casting that white woman as the female lead in “Drive” was so fucking wrong and fucked up.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn literally gave Carey Mulligan the part because she “seemed pure,” like someone he wanted to protect.

No, really. He literally said that shit.

These traits were ones he literally did not consider a Latina for. He picked her specifically because he fit that damsel in distress imagine that’s been coded as white. Latinas were not even given the opportunity to audition for the role.

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"RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!!" — Avril Lavigne denies accusations that her new music video exploits Japanese culture.

Featuring four expressionless Japanese backup dancers, a watered-down Kyary Pamyu Pamyu aesthetic and liberal (and nonsensical) use of the word “kawaii,” the song and video have been widely criticized for being an embarrassing example of racial and cultural exploitation.

It only took a few hours for Lavigne to respond on Facebook and Twitter, with a message that began, “RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!!”

The video was pulled from YouTube hours after it posted amid a high volume of negative comments, but it now appears to be viewable on Vevo’s YouTube channel. It’s pretty clear from her reactions on social media that Lavigne doesn’t really understand why people are accusing the video of being racist—or, perhaps, that she is pretending not to understand. “I love Japanese culture,” is the same defense offered by every tweenage Japanophile in the Western world, and it doesn’t actually preclude racial insensitivity or cultural appropriation.


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Seriously guys, put POC in your sci-fi movies, books, and tv shows. Seeing a film with none of them at all is actually kind of scary for me.

It would be like you sitting down to watch a movie about a dystopian near future and there are absolutely no men and the plot doesn’t address that at all. Like, literally wouldn’t your first thought be that men were at some point eradicated completely by the women?

That is what we’re pretty much forced to think about your entirely white fictional society. Maybe y’all herded us into death camps. Maybe y’all just shot us all in the streets. All I know is there are none of us left and no one seems to find it suspicious or unusual.

If you don’t want people to think that about your work, then for the love of god include us in your narrative.