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Well…There’s definitely a lot of flirtation with Shaw. They’re not shying away from that, so that seems to suggest that she definitely likes her… It seems like she’s not tied to one gender or the other, but I think her No.1 crush is definitely Shaw … We’re always looking at the script like, “I’m sure they meant it this way….” It’s fun because you can play it like I’m flirting with her just to mess with her, or because I know that it annoys her…. It does seem like the underlying truth is that they actually do care for each other. They’ve really gone out of their way to make sure that the other one is OK, in situations where their lives are in danger.

Amy Acker on Root’s romantic interests.

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I have written A Thing For Publication on this subject and I wish it would run already so I could talk about it more :((((((

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Three times Root checked out the goods in Panopticon…

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Script to Screen, Person of Interest 4x01


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pterriblepterodactyls said: I was going to ask if you've seen Person of Interest, but you made a comment about that in someone else's answer, so I guess I'll ask your opinion of it

I really like Person of Interest, but I understand that it’s not for everyone. It’s written on a very mainstream American network TV model with clunky dialogue and a crime-of-the-week episode structure, but IMO the background worldbuilding and central character relationships are VERY strong. It’s also got some fantastic science fiction writing backing it up, but because it’s not billed as a sci-fi genre show, that tends to get overlooked.

The basic premise of PoI is that there’s a super-computer that collects surveillance data and informs the US government about terrorist threats. Essentially, this is PRISM. This Machine also spits out “irrelevent” details about civilian crimes, which the main characters in PoI fight as vigilantes. So the main over-arching plotline is about surveillance and police/government corruption, while the episodic plots are more like action/adventure stuff, with a touch of realistic cyberpunk surveillance stuff thrown in.

The first half of season 1 is incredibly cheesy but once the relationship between the main characters kicks in, it becomes INCREDIBLY compelling. Also, the show has done a really good job of cycling in new characters in later seasons, particularly Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi, who I’m hoping will become the main protagonists this season. The soundtrack is brilliant and the showrunner is Jonathan Nolan, who is similar to Christopher Nolan in many respects but is apparently way, WAY better at creating female characters.