Monday, August 25, 2014

tattle-crime: recently did a bit of snooping and ran across the fantastic Trend Custom Tailors who are responsible for creating several of Dr. Lecter’s suits (as well as Ms. Verger’s gorgeous red coat!). Freddie got the inside scoop from the lovely Adriana Meister about Cannibals and Couture.

Their designs are drawn from all over the world- inspired by art, vintage fashion, architecture, textile artisans, and history. Modern style is their focus, but the golden age of couture is never far from their minds. They strive to bring back some of the elegance of the past while intertwining it with modern and future styles.

Designing Hannibal’s suits presents challenges, not only because Dr. Lecter is particular about his designs, but he’s fond of patterns with checks, which can prove particularly difficult to line up. Adriana tells us that Christopher Hargadon, costume designer for Hannibal, mentioned that when designing Lecter’s suits this season, he put Lecter in bright and bold suits whenever Lecter was happy or was celebrating a personal victory of some kind. Ms. Adriana points out that one of their vests was worn during the scene where Hannibal and Alana kiss, and while the vest is dark, the shirt Lecter is wearing is bright orange- a beautiful contrast. When describing Lecter’s style Mr. Hargadon said that colors spoke to him more than anything in regards to Hannibal, and that he wanted his outfits to show a tailoring heritage as well as read ‘old country’ meets contemporary modern tailoring- a style which is perfect for the Good Doctor and comes across beautifully on screen. Hannibal is a formidable man, who has an edge, and never goes unnoticed. As an imposing figure he has to look the part. It takes quite the man to pull off bold colors and prints, and pull it off he does.

Adriana says that her favorite suit of the season was the large bold checked suit in red and brown. It was the first suit they made for Dr. Lecter and she was in love with it before she even knew who it was for. “Someone out there is quite the man to pull that off. Finally we see more men dressing with personality and flare.” She notes that not many people can carry that print or color.

DYING for an outfit of your own? Trend Custom Tailors is available for both private commissions and commercial work. They have a wide selection of beautiful fabrics from all over the world (many of them Hannibal-esque!) and their thumb on the pulse of fashion, so don’t hesitate to contact them! Check out their website for more information, and if you’re in the Toronto area stop in! Trend Custom Tailors is located at 306 Sherbourne St. and I would definitely give them a call ahead at 416-596-8744.

Thank you so much to Adriana for the inside scoop and the beautiful behind the scenes pics, and keep an eye on TCT’s website for more behind the scenes pics! Keep up with Adriana at scarletdee!

There you have it, folks, some of the most beautiful clothing in the world! Stay tuned because Tattle Crime has some more exclusives to come!

Please no reposting pics without permission, thank you! <3!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baltic Fashion Award - official Site, 2nd PRIZEFlorian WowretzkoMODEL: David WhitePHOTO: PETER KIRCHHOFFLOCATION: HERINGSDORF, USEDOM / GERMANY


Baltic Fashion Award - official Site, 2nd PRIZE
Florian Wowretzko
MODEL: David White

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Belstaff Devonport Jeans In Resin Coated 10 oz. Denim

Thursday, August 7, 2014

El Condesito, Mariano Fortuny


El Condesito, Mariano Fortuny

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gorgeous (⊙‿⊙✿)

*nudges madnizilla*

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wow i have never seen chris evans look less like chris evans

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Matvey Lykov | ph. Fanny Latour-Lambert | L’Officiel Hommes Netherlands FW’12


Matvey Lykov | ph. Fanny Latour-Lambert | L’Officiel Hommes Netherlands FW’12

Thursday, July 31, 2014


高口里純先生の「伯爵と呼ばれた男」 (1984)

Satosumi Takaguchi's “The Man Who Was Called Count” (1984)

(If anybody has raws for this title, I’m interested in looking them over and seeing if it’s something I could potentially translate one day.)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Fashion and Kindjal Daggers