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a nice photoset of lucy liu looking like a queen and jonny lee miller looking like a dingus

accurate summary of the show too tbh

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i like when people are like, “elementary isn’t sherlock” because yeah, you’re right! because if it was, we’d hear vague asian music playing every time lucy liu was on-screen


actual sherlock script

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I’m glad Elementary shows the sexism women face. Joan Watson has been insulted, belittled, and underestimated numerous times. And each time she is shown to be a boss, a role model, more than capable at handling anything thrown at her without being portrayed as a bitch. She handles these situations by calling people out on their B.S., and continues on her way. She’s done this with Gregson, Sherlock, Moriarty, and many minor characters.

Lucy Liu is amazing, and I love that Joan Watson does not just brush off or accept these subtle sexist aggressions. She calls people out and is a boss with her words and actions while maintaining professionalism. 

#i think we need to add beyonce into the joan watson soundtrack because this scene is the definition of ‘bow down bitches’

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@LucyLiu  times are tough #Elementary @jonnyjlm


@LucyLiu  times are tough #Elementary @jonnyjlm

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Pretty much one of the best scenes on TV this year, I will fight you on this, kangaroo punches style.

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