Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I’d also add that most people who ask questions like this don’t really understand the difference between wearing a corset in 2012 and wearing a corset 150 years ago. For centuries (in Europe, at least) wearing a corset was the norm, and women were expected to wear them in order to live up to the beauty standards of the period. In fact, other styles weren’t really available. This was particularly restrictive in Victorian times — no matter what the above commenter says about the relative lack of danger from corset-wearing (which I’m not 100% sure about, considering the dangers of wearing a rigid corset during pregnancy).

Any woman who wears a Victorian corset nowadays is actively going against the current expectations of female beauty. Yes, corsets are a traditionally feminine garment, but right now the ideal of female beauty is to look as if you’re thin, fit, glossy-haired and with big boobs — naturally. Wearing a corset is basically a Fuck You to the myth of “natural beauty”, which is why people freak out about it. It’s a visual signal that you’re purposefully altering the shape of your body so you can live up to your own aesthetic ideals, and a lot of people find that uncomfortable. Best to keep your dieting, hair-care routines and makeup as “natural” as possible, otherwise people might start leaving you concern-trolling anonymous messages about the dangers of constrictive clothing.

When choosing between a corset or the type of “natural beauty” espoused by most major fashion and lifestyle magazines aimed at women, I’m pretty sure tightlacing is by far the less restrictive option. Unless you’re going for some SERIOUS tightlacing then there’s vanishingly little chance that wearing a corset will damage you physically or mentally, whereas the expectation that women should be thin and pretty all the time is the reason why half of teenage girls have eating disorders or want plastic surgery.

TL;DR version: Corsets may constrict your waist but mainstream beauty standards will constrict your brain and soul.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Gorgeous corset discovered by chance. Crafted by Christaine Tano.

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it’s never not pleasing to tug a boy around on a leash.

i have no idea what this movie is but i think i need to see it.

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Silk embroidered jacket at KCI, c. 1790

Believe it or not, the first two photos are a reproduction of the extant jacket, which is pictured in the bottom photo, by Reine des Centfeuilles. Stunning!

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