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bucky must have talked to that girl for hours; listing all the good things he thinks about steve rogers

man, look how carefree bucky looks. he has all of the cockiness of a super skilled soldier with none of the actual skills. and in the next movie he’s the exact opposite. :D

you’re a human trash dagger, aimed directly at my heart.

thiscozyskull asked: Hi there, I wasn't sure if it was you, but did you write about the "Star Spangled Man" cover by MegBoudon on Soundcloud in one of your reviews? I was looking for that review if you did, and I couldn't find it. If that wasn't you, sorry about the mix-up. Love your work. Thanks so much.

I didn’t mention it in any of my CATWS reviews as far as I recall, but I did talk about it in this article I wrote about the political values of Captain America as a modern-day hero!

(Note to everyone else: if you haven’t heard that modernized cover of Star Spangled Man, you should totally listen to it! It’s awesome.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A note for any American Captain readers out there.

I know a bunch of Captain America fans started following me recently (hi guys!!), so just FYI, I interviewed the author of the webcomic American Captain the other day, for an article that will be published tomorrow. American Captain is really awesome, so if you haven’t read it before, you should check it out. It has a lot to say about Steve Rogers and the way he deals with living in the 21st century. If you have read it already, well, hopefully you’ll find that interview interesting. ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014


okay though if there’s anything that struck me on rewatching the first Cap movie it’s how much Steve and Bucky are such assholes to each other and it’s amazing

and like can you just imagine recovered!Bucky and Steve going on missions together and Steve being like

"wow Buck that thing you did there was actually kind of smart, all the stupid must’ve grown out in your hair"

and Bucky being all

"you might not know this, Steve, but there’s this thing we say these days that might be really useful for you to know and it goes like this: go fuck yourself"

and all the other avengers looking at each other like we read about you in history books, you are national heroes, what even




okay but can you imagine like

a week after your truck gets stolen out of the goddamn mall parking lot, you get a knock on the door and there’s fucking Captain America standing there. Says he’s here about your goddamn truck. And for a moment you wonder if he started working for the police now that Shield took a dive, but you don’t say so, you just nod when he describes your truck to you, license plate number, make, model and color, all to a tee. 

And then the weirdest thing happens (weirder than Captain America just showing up at your front door). Captain America starts looking bashful. And then he tells you your truck was lost ‘in the line of duty’. You must still look a little awestruck because he elaborates; he’s the one who took your truck. 

Captain America fucking stole your goddamn truck out of the goddamn mall parking lot.

And he’s going to pay for a new one. And he’s very, very sorry.

He comes with you to the car dealership, too. Because he’s so so sorry, also he gets military discount, so he can help you.
he is so so sorry

#walk into the club like what up where’s our soviet boyfriend


#walk into the club like what up where’s our soviet boyfriend

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