Sunday, August 31, 2014

thegenuflector said: Who do you reckon is the best dressed person so far in the MCU?

i think black widow has the most potential to be “best dressed” because she’s so good at disguises, but i suspect her personal taste is probably more like “comfortable and blends into a crowd.”

there are a lot of characters in the MCU now, but as far as i remember the best dressed is either pepper potts or loki (or possibly frigga). pepper clearly has a lot of interest in fashion, and a bank balance to back it up. loki is vain, has shapeshifting powers and wears a lot of sparkly armour, BUT the armour we see him wearing is probably ~official prince armour~ or something, whereas frigga’s clothes are more like really expensive, classy, formal asgardian gowns. so i’m stuck between those three characters, i think.


  1. minjiminjiminji said: I’d vote for Frigga too.
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    I would also nominate Bucky Barnes once we see him in casual attire in Cap 3. Given how well he dressed in the...
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