Monday, February 24, 2014

just moved into this ridiculously amazing flat with some of my friends. none of us can quite believe that we managed to get such a beautiful (and HUGE) place, with the relatively minor downside that it was mostly unfurnished so we had to find second-hand furniture from local charity shops and/or people who were giving away their old stuff. i’m feeling so house-proud right now that i couldn’t resist posting some photos.

From top to bottom: Hallway door, music room/library (with columns marking the “stage” at the window, where we can put on plays and concerts), my bedroom fireplace (n.b. i found the torso statue in the street years ago), more hallway, living room fireplace and bar. one of my new housemates has insisted that we all get Hogwarts house flags to hang above the fire, but we only have Hufflepuff so far. ;)


  1. fun-n-fashion said: Before I got to the writing part I legit thought these were set photos from a movie or tv show.