Friday, September 13, 2013

The Harry Potter books are so utterly British (and JK Rowling is so amazing at writing about the British class system) that I’m already enthralled by the idea of a story about a former Hogwarts student in New York City. We learn virtually nothing about American magical culture in the books, which is probably on purpose because it’s best not to think too hard about the concept of an international wizarding community. Like, why do other countries never intervene when a tiny racist cult is going around killing people and taking over the government in the UK? My personal assumption was that Britain is seen as so backward and eccentric compared to the rest of the wizarding world, that other countries have a total non-intervention policy.

Considering Britain’s disastrous muggle/wizarding conflicts, class system, and inexplicable decision to segregate all children by personality type at age eleven, it hardly feels like a place that’s very in touch with the outside world. Well done, you put all the ruthlessly ambitious kids together in a school house that’s known for producing dark wizards and racist fanatics. What could possibly go wrong? Without the “benefit” of the Hogwarts house system, who knows what wizarding society would be like. — Costume design, JK Rowling’s new Harry Potter movie, and the wizarding fashions of 1920s New York.


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