Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Erik came of age in a concentration camp. You better believe that as soon as he got his hands on some of that Nazi gold, he started spending it on personal luxuries like expensive suits, haircuts, hotels, and air travel. He also has an unusually high degree of personal vanity for a guy who isn’t characterised as effeminate or overpoweringly showy, which is something you don’t see much in movies set in the present day.

He’s self-contained to the point of obsession, which ties into his self-image as a superhuman and, later, as a leader of the mutant rebellion against the inferiority of humankind. Always clean-shaven and neat, his pocket squares are folded to a perfect right-angle, and he has an outfit for every occasion. Erik Lensherr is a construct of the well-dressed, well-prepared, well-travelled 20th century man, and I’m almost certain that he got many of those attributes just from magazines and 1960s advertising, because he sure as hell doesn’t socialise. If this movie hadn’t come out in 2011 then I’m sure we’d see him smoking some very classy cigarettes as well. — The costumes of X-Men: First Class, Part 2: Menswear.


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