Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some fun facts about the UK Independence Party.

You probably have a vague idea that UKIP is a party full of middle-aged English people who hate Europe and immigrants. They also just won 147 new council seats in England, which means they are currently a lot more successful than the supposed “third party”, the Lib Dems.

  • Their welfare plan includes forbidding long-term benefits claimants from spending their welfare money on alcohol, cigarettes, or satellite TV subscriptions. (In other words, the only entertainment you can afford if you’re living on benefits, pretty much. Punishing poor people for being poor.)
  • They’re also against paying any kind of welfare to foreign citizens living in the UK. Obviously.
  • They don’t believe in climate change, and would get rid of all subsidies for  renewable energy. They are in favour of fracking.
  • They want a flat tax rate for everyone. In 2010 they thought 31% would be fair, but now it may be more like 25%. Also, tax cuts for corporations. (WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.)
  • They want nurses to receive a “traditional education” instead of going to university.
  • They want to fund new grammar schools being built and generally go back to “old fashioned” education — ie, dividing pupils at age 11 using a standardised test.
  • They want to hold local referendums for issues like being allowed to smoke indoors and lift the ban on hunting with hounds (presumably because in UKIP land, it’s still 1935).
  • They want to keep Trident and spend more money on defense, including more nukes you can fire from the air, land, or underwater.

Basically, if you were worried that Britain was already a conservative-run shithole? You should probably get more worried now.


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    UKIP; for people who are too middle class to vote BNP
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    So basically, you take every policy that you may not agree with and put it in a nice bullet-pointed list and carefully...
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