Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Romance an emo T-Rex with this Jurassic dating sim.

Dating sims are yet to hit big in the U.S., but they’re hugely popular in Japan. Combining text adventure game format with teen romance novel plot lines, a dating sim lets you game your way to a romantic relationship with another character. Any character. Even a dinosaur. 

Often reliant on anime storyline tropes, dating sims are popular with young teenagers (although, ahem, there are plenty of adult-rated games available). New online dating sim Jurassic Heart follows a typical storyline of a nervous high school student going on a date with her crush. But there’s one significant difference. Her crush is a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Complete with a cheesy soundtrack, Jurassic Heart is a pretty simple example of the visual novel/dating sim genre. The player’s first storyline decision is easy enough: “Let’s see, which hair clip shall I go for?”

I picked the “meat on the bone” clip on the assumption that my date (to reiterate: a carnivorous dinosaur) might find that the most appealing option.

In Jurassic Heart, you take the T-rex (nicknamed “Taira”) on a date to the music store to buy a ukulele. You see, there was an incident at music club when you startled Taira and made him drop his old ukulele, and you feel kind of guilty about it. Did I mention that you and Taira go to the same high school? Just go with it. [READ MORE]


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