TwitterTheComic does what it says on the tin. By taking individual tweets and turning them into four-panel strips, artist Mike Rosenthal (a.k.a. Vectorbelly) has created an appealingly surreal new webcomic.

Because the tweets are quoted verbatim, typos and all, TwitterTheComic has a uniquely Weird Twitter feel to it — although its many co-authors would probably deny that such a thing even exists.

The comic has just been submitted to Chronicle Books’ contest to publish a Tumblr page as a book, and seems like an ideal choice to win. Wholly reliant on a familiarity with the ephemeral weirdness of Twitter humor, TwitterTheComic couldn’t have thrived anywhere but Tumblr, where Homestuck jokes and bite-sized uncapitalized text posts regularly receive thousands of comments and reblogs. [READ MORE]