Saturday, March 2, 2013

I found out recently that if you go to the Person Of Interest wiki, you can check out all the coded messages hidden in the blue screens in each ep. A couple of dedicated nerd dectives (have I ever mentioned how much I love nerd detectives??) have been going thru each ep and translating the blue numerical code screens for us. This particular screen is from episode 2x16, “Relevence”. TBH I’d have to rewatch the episode to see if the messages hidden in the blue screens actually correspond with things that happen in the show (the first screen in this episode is a quote from Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad; a couple of others are from a medical textbook), but I’m hoping that they do have some meaning other than just been cool little easter eggs.

The reason I picked this particular screen is because it’s a transcription of a passage from the Voynich Manuscript. The Voynich Manuscript is basically the most tempting/frustrating coded message out there, if you’re into the history of weird coded messages and untranslated languages. It’s a 15th century book written in a mysterious language, appearing to document a selection of (mostly fictional) plants. There’s a pretty good chance that the whole thing was written by some 15th century troll because, you know, it’s an unreadable book about imaginary plants, and the language doesn’t correspond with anything found anywhere else in the world, ever. But how fucking cool is it? I mean seriously, google that shit. The fact that the script looks so much like “writing” means that it’s difficult to just dismiss it as a meaningless joke or hoax, but cryptographers have been trying to decode it for centuries and haven’t got anywhere with it.

Anyhow, the Voynich manuscript probably has very little to do with POI, but I like that they threw it in for the nerds. And I’d like to buy a drink for whoever manage to decode the episode’s blue number screen into the handwritten font that was created specially for people to transcribe the Voynich script onto computers.


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    Stop telling me awesome things about this show when I can’t watch it myself! Apparently, the main plot device works...
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    I agree with xkcd: I think it’s ancient D&D.
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