Friday, March 1, 2013

april-rainer replied to your post: Interesting post about Google Glasses. On one…

Hmm, yes, fair point. I admit, I don’t *want* to interact with someone wearing google glasses either. :-/ But then, I don’t like interacting with people who are staring at their smartphones, and that’s becoming culturally acceptable.

that’s totally different, though. interacting with someone on a smartphone is the same as interacting with someone who is distracted by anything else: knitting, TV, a book, driving. but with google glass, you can have a perfectly “normal” conversation with someone but nevertheless be completely aware that you’re being recorded, meaning that you’re no longer acting naturally. essentially, everything in the world becomes reality tv.


  1. morgan-leigh said: I legit can’t even think about this because ANXIETY. Arghhh, it is just the worst idea, THE WORST.
  2. april-rainer said: New thought: is there any sort of recording/not recording physical feature? Because if there’s, say, a recording light that the rest of us can see, at least we *know* if our conversations with our friends are private or not.
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