Sunday, December 23, 2012

allyspock said: I'm still not over The Hour. Not even close. I don't think the ending of a season (the end of a series?) has ever upset me this much, with all of everyone's tragedies, and then Schrodinger's cat is actually a Lyon and Lix and Randall hit a wall and Marnie and Hector are just going to move forward and the whole thing just... Really bums me out.

I’m never getting over the season finale of The Hour. NEVERRRRR. I’m pretty sure they have to make a third season, though??



i’m gonna do another costume post for The Hour, hopefully this week. i didn’t have time to write anything this weekend. ://


  1. anhaga said: OMGGG is there some question that there might NOT be a third season!?? BBC YOU HAVE TO OR I WILL BE SO SAD. AAAAAAAAARHGHHHHH. I will never be over it if Sherlock gets a third season and The Hour just … doesn’t.
  2. allyspock said: I wanted to tune into fandomspotting today to hear what you guys were going to say about The Hour, but I only caught the last ten minutes (lol). But I just keep getting SAD when I think about that finale. Everything about it.
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