Thursday, November 22, 2012

allyspock replied to your photoset: Military uniforms in the early 19th century were…

I really love this movie, even though I fell asleep in the theatre the first time I saw it. But like, ugh, I just want to be on a ship and wear those amazing hats and coats and buttons and just, ugh. love.

I LOVE MASTER & COMMANDER!!! I’m so glad people are reading/reblogging this review, because I was worried no one would read it because the movie came out like ten years ago. But no! Master & Commander is still super important! :)


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    SO IMPORTANT. This is one of the only movies that, even now, if it’s on, I WILL SIT DOWN AND WATCH ALL OF IT. I can’t...
  2. buckbeakbabie said: There’s a fairly decent sized age of sail fandom on tumblr, it’s awesome. Are you going to tackle our biggest (only?) ship war: whether one prefers bicorns worn fore-and-aft like the younguns, or athwartships like Aubrey (and Nelson)? It is srs bsns.
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