Thursday, August 9, 2012



“Even someone as burned and dead on the inside as me knows better than to underestimate the simple, yet undeniable power, of human love.”

We’re not crying, there’s totally something in our eye. Swear.

Okay can I just be mad defensive about Stiles for a minute and explain why everyone is WRONG if they think he’s a Nice Guy (tm) for his crush on Lydia?  See, this show has ACTUAL examples of that person, and explicitly marks them as creepy - which is really unusual for media to do, actually - and Stiles thinks their behavior is NOT OKAY.  The defining trait of Nice-Guy-ism is “I’m a good guy, she should be flattered by my interest, not creeped out. If I am nice to her and do the right things I am entitled to her interest.” 

Isaac has one scene where he’s like this, in the episode where they think Lydia’s the Kanima.  He tells Stiles Lydia rejected him one time in ninth grade.  Stiles gets sassy with him about how being a werewolf isn’t likely to make her want him more.  Isaac says nah, he’s just going to enjoy killing her.  Stiles then looks at him LIKE HE IS CRAZY, because to Stiles, trying to change your crush’s opinion of you and get her attention is legit, but HATING her for not being attracted to you is NUTS.  Stiles is not a Nice Guy.

THEN there’s his treatment of Matt.  I love that the show treated Matt’s behavior towards Allison as creepy.  LOVE IT.  But I also love Stiles for not feeling sympathy for it for one second.  Stiles also has an unrequited crush!  But Matt was living in a fantasy world where Allison liked him back and it was okay to take a million stalker pictures of her because that’s romantic.  Stiles has no sympathy for that bullshit and does not relate to it.  “The dude was riding the crazy train.”  Stiles is not a Nice Guy. 

Stiles is going to try his best to convince Lydia to love him back, he’s going to worship her, he’s going to yell about how great she is, he might even get mad at her for not dancing with him, but he’s never going to get mad at her for not wanting him.  Nobody’s entitled to anyone else’s love.  Teen Wolf knows it, and Stiles knows it, and we should all know it.

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