Monday, July 9, 2012

Maybe I’m just looking too closely at this because I’m an armour fanatic and have a Game Of Thrones tattoo on my face and am secretly married to Loki on the astral plane, but I can totes see the evolution of the Richard-Henry-Hal reigns in the way they dress for battle. The practicality and toughness of Henry Bolingbroke in Richard II has aged into a kind of chilly, monochromatic austerity, which in the battlefield translates to the King sitting stiff-spined on horseback in his grey woollen hat, trying not to show any evidence of his terminal illness. At the end of Richard II it was almost as if Henry Bolingbroke didn’t want to be king, and in this play he certainly doesn’t appear to be enjoying it. While Hal, it seems, is a golden prince who was born to rule. — from The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part 1.


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